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S-TESL teacher educator, Alysan Croydon, is in Brazil this summer with her family. In addition to the World Cup festivities, they are doing some volunteer teaching. Here is a blog post written by her Seattle Public School teacher husband, Bryan, which they graciously agreed to share.

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We volunteer here in Paraty, teaching a class in a local community organization called ITAE. We have found these type of nonprofit organizations exist all over Brazil, created to fill the gaps left by the public schools. Children only go to school in Brazil four hours a day because of lack of funding and space, so community organizations have sprung up to supplement the school day and keep kids off the streets. Students get a combination of help with schoolwork (“reforco escolar”) and fun stuff to keep them interested. They also get fed. We were asked to teach any class we want, just something that the kids would enjoy. So we came up with an English-language project-based class taught by the whole family. We asked the children to design their dream city and now we are building it together using Styrofoam, paper, glue, wooden sticks, etc. etc. They like the project part, but the part they like best is Bronwen and Menna. Today I had Bronwen and Menna take over the teaching and the kids were much more attentive than when I was leading.

Everybody is having fun and we’re thinking it’s working because our class has grow from four students the first day to 12 students today. They try to deny it, but the Street children can’t refuse their destiny as teachers -it’s in the blood!

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Alysan Croydon

Teacher Educator at The School of Teaching ESL
MIT in ESL, School for International Training. Alysan has over twenty five years of teaching experience in many settings, including Brazil, Egypt, Portugal, and Costa Rica. She was a teacher trainer for the Tacoma Community House which provided state-wide training to adult education teachers and volunteers. She is also a popular local trainer and presenter.

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