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We have now finished our teaching stint. There was a frenzied rush to finish our model of the ideal city. Last minute additions included a tunnel of love, an airport and a church.


The kids overall were engaged, creative and good spirits. Alas the final day arrived however. Brazil has a big tradition of the “Despedida,” or going away party. The despedida had all important party elements: balloons, decorations, cake, presents, dancing and lots of hugs and kisses.

Here is a picture of one of the pictures they drew for us with the Brazilian and US flags merging.


Dancing got very boisterous and ended in a game of tippy-uppy with the goal of sweeping someone off their feet. We finally left to a chorus of “Volta sempre!” (Come back always!) and walked home sadly for the last time.

It is amazing how few hours Brazilian children go to school. Programs like ITAE take up the slack, get kids off the streets, feed them, love them, provide enrichment through arts and sports and reinforce school subjects. We were so glad of this experience and to get a small insight into the lives of these kids and the commitment of the adults involved to supporting their development.


The cake made by Selma the cook was to die for and was met with a loud chorus of “Nossa!” (short for nossa senhora holy Mary.)

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