A dedicated and professional staff

Many of our teacher educators are active in the field of ELT. They present regularly at annual TESOL conferences, write articles for professional publications, and publish ELT-related books and resources. Get to know some of our instructors through their professional presentations and publications:

March 2017


Developing Constructive Conversations Through a Hybrid Massive Open Online Course

Ellen Barrett, et al. | 2017 TESOL Convention & Expo

February 2016


Using Loop Input Strategies in Teacher Training Contexts

George Rowe | 2016 Spokane Regional ESL Conference

October 2015

Game Plan, Playbook and Strategy: Coaching Multi-Levels

Alysan Croydon | 2015 Tri-TESOL Interactive Workshop

Teaching and Planning Lessons for English Language Learners

Alysan Croydon | Community Volunteer Training, Seattle Public Library


What Autism Can Teach Us about TESOL

Denny Sargent | 2015 Tri-TESOL Paper/Report

October 2014


Cultivating Solutions for Low-Level Writers

Alysan Croydon | 2014 WAESOL PowerPoint presentation


Fireworks & Festivals: U.S. Holidays and Culture for English Language Learners

Gretchen Fues | The University of Michigan Press

Read description here

October 2011


Meeting Core Objectives through Cross-Cultural Activities in the ESOL Classroom

Denny Sargent | 2011 TRI-TESOL presentation

October 2010


A Taxonomy of Strategies for Adult Non-Literate Learners

Alysan Croydon | workshop handout, 2010 WAESOL presentation


Implementing Authentic Extension Tasks to Increase SLA

Denny Sargent | workshop handout, 2010 WAESOL presentation

June 2010


Practical Second Language Teaching Techniques

Denny Sargent | workshop handout for the Jewish Federation of Seattle

October 2009

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Look Who’s Talking: Making the Most of Dialogues

Bernice Ege-Zavala | 2009 WAESOL PowerPoint presentation


Balancing Multi-Level Needs in an Adult ESOL Class

Alysan Croydon | handout, 2009 WAESOL presentation


Implicit Grammar Teaching Activities

Denny Sargent | handout, 2009 WAESOL presentation

January 2008


Aligning Native Language to State Standards

Amy Fenning, in Language Magazine, describes how the Tulalip Tribe of Washington is striving to save the Lushootseed language by aligning its instruction with state standards.

October 2007


Task-Teaching ESOL Students through Language Functions

Denny Sargent | 2007 WAESOL presentation

October 2006


Cooperative Writing Activities

Denny Sargent | 2006 WAESOL presentation

January 2006


Helping Students Develop Vocabulary by Building Awareness of Vocabulary Patterns

Bernice Ege-Zavala | OSPI Conference presentation

Summary: Successful readers and listeners use strong predicting skills to help them comprehend text. ELLs are often less able to predict accurately because they do not recognize patterns in vocabulary that are apparent to native speakers. Recent research in vocabulary patterns can help teachers assist students in developing skills to both notice and produce more natural chunks of language, thereby lowering the learning load and improving the learner’s use of natural English.

October 2005


Helping Students Develop Vocabulary by Building Awareness of Vocabulary Patterns

Bernice Ege-Zavala | handout, OSPI Promising Practices Conference

WAESOL Sally Wellman Memorial Teaching Award

Dr. Nancy Butler, Founder and Director Emeritus of the School of Teaching ESL, received the WAESOL Sally Wellman Memorial Teaching Award for her contributions to the profession.



Making It Real: Teaching Pre-literate Adult Refugee Students

Alysan Croydon | Tacoma Community House Training Project