mission statement

We Prepare You to Teach English

The School of Teaching ESL (S-TESL) supports Seattle Pacific University’s mission to engage the culture and help to bring about positive change in the world.

In addition, S-TESL has prepared its own Mission Statement:

S-TESL prepares people to teach English as a Second (ESL) and/or a Foreign Language (EFL) in a wide variety of arenas and circumstances. Whether in the United States or abroad, teaching children or adults, working with advantaged or disadvantaged students, our graduates will be:


and therefore S-TESL provides a teaching framework in which students are fully trained and which instructors themselves model as they train. Students try out practical activities which they can use in hands-on teaching.


and therefore S-TESL provides a program which builds upon recent research in language teaching, enables students to become familiar with terminology and views related to recent theories, and employs trained and experienced instructors who keep up with recent research.


and therefore S-TESL presents a wide variety of teaching tools and trains in adapting those tools to various settings. S-TESL requires students to work together on many projects to develop the skills of learning from self and colleagues as well as from instructors.


and therefore S-TESL encourages discussion of the ethical issues of language instruction in its classes, confronts affective as well as cognitive variables in the ESL classroom, and requires cultural sensitivity and multiculturalism as a basis for all English language teaching.

Committed to professional growth

and therefore S-TESL students and instructors practice reflective teaching, continually reset objectives, and collaborate on projects. Instructors model involvement in professional organizations and encourage students to serve in professional TESL advocacy organizations. School of TESL students learn of the many avenues for continued growth as language teachers.