ELL Endorsement

You must have a WA State teaching license to complete an ELL Endorsement.

Open doors to new opportunities

The School of Teaching ESL offers the Seattle Pacific University ELL and Bilingual Endorsement programs. WA State certified teachers (or future teachers) can meet all of the WA OSPI requirements through a combination of on-site and online classes. It generally takes 12-24 months to earn an endorsement.

All endorsement candidates are advised by the S-TESL Director before registration. Please contact George Rowe at roweg@spu.edu for advising, including for a transcript review for possible transfer credits.


Seattle Pacific University ELL Endorsement candidates need to meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of 20 quarter credits of S-TESL coursework, with a 3.0 GPA (classes below)
  • Creation of a personal portfolio, submitted upon completion of the S-TESL coursework
  • A passing score on the WA ELL Assessment (WEST-E 051)
  • Completion of the 5 credit SPU field experience component
Required Courses

ELT 5530: Foundations of English Language Teaching (3 credits)

ELT 5532: Grammar in English Language Teaching (3 credits)

ELT 5536: Cultural Issues in English Language Teaching (3 credits)

ELT 5537: Content Based English Language Teaching (3 credits)
OR ELT 5538 Young Learners in ELT (3 credits)*

ELT 5542: Assessment of English Language Students (3 credits)

ELT 5545: Classroom Issues and Management in Teaching ELL (3 credits)

ELT 5546: Professionalism, Advocacy, and Leadership in ELT (2 cr)

EDCN 5730 (SPU course) Field Experience (5 credits)

*K-5 teachers are advised to take ELT 5538. Grades 6-12 teachers should take ELT 5537.

Download a Required Course List here.

100-level or higher university credits may be transferred into this endorsement program upon director approval. ELT 5545 may be waived for teachers with at least three years full-time¬†classroom experience in WA State public schools (with the Director’s approval). Please contact the S-TESL Director for more information.

NOTE: During the Summer 2016, S-TESL will offer a special series of One-Week Intensives, many of which are required courses for the ELL and Bilingual Endorsements. Please check our 2016 Course Schedule for details.

Bilingual Endorsement

Bilingual Endorsement candidates need to meet the following requirements:

  • All of the ELL Endorsement requirements
  • ELT 5547 Foundations of Bilingual Education
  • Proficiency in a targeted foreign language (ACTFL oral an written score required)
  • A passing score on the WA Bilingual Education Assessment (WEST-E 050)

Financial Support for WA State certified teachers

The Educator Retooling Conditional Scholarship Program provides financial support to Washington State certified teachers who seek to expand their knowledge and skills by adding endorsements in subject or geographic shortage areas.

This program is administered jointly by the Professional Educator Standards Board (responsible for selecting recipients) and the Washington Student Achievement Council (responsible for distributing awards). Funding for this program is dependent upon annual budget appropriations from the Washington State legislature. The state laws establishing this program include the RCWs on Retooling (28A.660.045) and Conditional Scholarship Programs (28A.660.050). Educators need to obtain administrative support and submit complete application materials to be considered for an award.