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Graduate Credit

transfer S-TESL credits to SPU graduate programs:

College of Arts and Sciences

12 credits w/grad project

12 credits w/grad project

School of Education

MA Teaching
6 credits

General Information

Seattle Pacific University and The School of Teaching ESL have created a cooperative agreement that gives students many choices to pursue further professional development. The SPU credits earned at S-TESL are 5000-level post-bachelor’s credits. It is possible to raise the credits to graduate status by completing an additional “graduate project”. Up to twelve credits earned at S-TESL (requirements below) can be used in select graduate programs at Seattle Pacific University College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education (must enroll within six years of completing the TESOL Certificate program. Contact Seattle Pacific University’s Graduate Center for graduate admissions information.

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Who is eligible to request graduate credit for S-TESL classes?

Any student who…

  1. takes an S-TESL course as a post-baccalaureate student
  2. completes a graduate credit request form for each course they wish to earn graduate credit
  3. earns at least a “B” (3.0 GPA) grade or higher in the course
  4. Completes and passes a post-course project assigned by their instructor

What is the process for earning graduate credit at S-TESL?

  1. Students submit a graduate credit request form at the beginning of each S-TESL class.
  2. Upon completion of the class, students are assigned an extra project by the course instructor.
  3. Students are expected to demonstrate a higher level of analysis and synthesis than that required for post-baccalaureate credit coursework.
  4. The project is due one month after the last day of class and is submitted to S-TESL with an additional fee.
  5. A reader, usually the course instructor, is assigned the project.
  6. If the reader approves the project, confirmation documentation is sent to the student. If the project is not approved the reader will ask for a re-write, and the student will have an additional three weeks to complete the re-write.
Current Students: find additional graduate project information on our Graduate Project Page, including FAQs and project submission procedures.

SPU Degree Programs

Seattle Pacific University has a number of master’s degree programs that can take S-TESL credits. Two of the most common are the MA in Teaching and the MA-TESOL.

The Master’s of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

This program is designed for those who wish to teach in elementary or secondary schools. This full-time program meets state teacher certification requirements. A maximum of six credits from the School of Teaching ESL may be applied to this degree, with the advisor’s approval.

Master’s degree in Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages (MA-TESOL)

Whether you intend to teach in colleges, universities, or one of the various language institutes throughout the United States and abroad, SPU’s program gives you the preparation you need. When you choose Seattle Pacific’s program, you will experience how the faculty bring together knowledge and skill from linguistics, education, humanities, and the social sciences to equip you for effective service in the growing field of English language instruction. Up to twelve credits earned at S-TESL can be used towards your degree in MA-TESOL at Seattle Pacific University’s College of Arts & Sciences. Contact for more information.