2016 tuition = $245 per credit (all formats)

4-Week Intensive (12 credits) $2,940.00 + $40 course packet
Jumpstart! (3 credits) $735.00 + $20 course packet
Summer One-Week Intensive (per course, 3 credits) $735.00 + $20 course packet
Evening Classes and (per course, 3 credits) $735.00 + $20 course packet
Online Classes (per course, 3 credits) $735.00 + $50 online fee
Online ELT 5546 (2 credits) $490.00 + $50 online fee

Space may be reserved in a 4-Week Intensive class with a non-refundable $100 deposit, and in a Jumpstart class with a non-refundable $35 deposit. The tuition balance and the course packet fee are due two weeks before the class begins.

All applicable fees must be paid at time of registration. *Tuition and fees do NOT include textbooks. See our textbook page for required textbooks and prices.

Additional Costs

The following additional expenses are estimates calculated for an individual student for a one month period only. Travel to and from Seattle is not included.

Housing: $700-1500 (Exact amount dependent on living situation. For example, roomshare situations will likely fall on the lower end, with hotel or AirBnB rates falling on the higher end.)
Public Transportation: $30-$90
Printing/Copying: $15-$30
TOTAL (estimated): $695-$770

Additional Miscellaneous Expenses

Graduate Project Fee (optional) $85 per class
Certificate Fee (optional) 1st is Free, $10 each for additional


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Alternative Funding

Is financial aid (FAFSA) available?

S-TESL courses are not eligible to be funded by financial aid (FAFSA). If a student is admitted to a degree-seeking program at SPU and is enrolled in regular SPU credits at least half-time (3 credits for graduate students), that student may be eligible to receive financial aid for their SPU courses. A student in this situation may receive financial aid which exceeds their SPU student account charges, in which case the student will receive the remaining balance. This credit balance check may be used to reimburse themselves for the payment they submitted upfront for their S-TESL course(s). Tuition must be paid upfront and out of pocket in this situation.

Does S-TESL offer scholarships?

As S-TESL is a small, private, nonprofit school we are unable to offer scholarships.

How can I fund my studies at S-TESL?

Students can use the following sources to pay their S-TESL tuition:

Benefit for U.S. Military Veterans

U.S. military veterans* are eligible for a $100 tuition reduction for each 3-credit class. Up to $400 in tuition discounts are available to veterans completing the 12-credit certificate program. Contact our admissions department for more information. *This benefit applies to veterans only; it cannot be extended to spouses/dependents.

Considering Teaching as a second career? If you would like more information as a veteran on transitioning to a second career, Troops to Teachers can offer eligible military personnel the advice, resources, and tools they need to find meaningful work and education. To check you eligibility for financial assistance or to receive counseling services, register through TTT’s website.


  • Americorps or VISTA Education Award – For those who’ve completed their Americorps service. Visit our Americorp FAQ page for more information.
    NOTE: At S-TESL your Americorps award can only be applied towards tuition, materials/online fee, and required text books; we are unable to certify other expenses.
  • Worksource (WorkForce Training Programs) – Due to restrictions on what student information S-TESL can access and provide to Worksource, S-TESL is no longer an Eligible Training Provider. Our understanding is that any funding previously approved for our program will still be honored, but please check with your Worksource counselor to confirm that.
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DSHS) – DVR is a state-funded vocational rehabilitation program that helps empower individuals with disabilities to achieve greater independence through employment. S-TESL has previously enrolled students who have been funded by DVR. Speak with your DVR counselor/advisor if you are interested in our program.
  • Guaranteed Education Tuition Program (GET) – A Washington State prepaid college tuition program (529). While we’re not yet able to accept funding directly from GET, students are able to apply for reimbursement from GET for credits earned at S-TESL.
  • The Northwest Education Loan Association’s website provides information on alternative loans for education. www.nela.net
  • Federal Title IIA funds may be used by public school teachers to fund professional development. These funds are allocated to specific school districts and the distribution of these funds must be approved by the district and/or principal. If you are a public school teacher, contact your administration to determine if you can use these funds for your studies. Neither S-TESL nor SPU are responsible for this approval.
Contact steslinfo@spu.edu for assistance with the above funding sources. As these alternative funding sources require extra steps for billing and registration processing, please contact the office with plenty of time before the registration deadline to ensure your specific needs are taken care of.