Students at the School of Teaching ESL must demonstrate appropriate professional, behavioral and social attributes for successful teaching.

Students meet the professional responsibilities by demonstrating the following behaviors:

  • arriving to class on time and prepared for the class session
  • fully participating in class and field settings
  • completing assignments and responsibilities on time
  • engaging in face-to-face class interactions as required
  • conducting face-to-face class teaching demonstrations as required
  • engaging in face-to-face class teaching as required
  • seeking assistance and clarification from instructors when appropriate
  • prioritizing responsibilities
  • demonstrating openness to new ideas
  • being willing to accept constructive criticism
  • taking initiative
  • using good judgment
  • demonstrating poise and flexibility
  • displaying a positive and enthusiastic attitude 
  • positive problem-solving skills
  • interacting with all classmates, instructors, and staff regardless of age, gender, religion, disability, race, color, national origin, ethnicity or sexual orientation

Behavioral and social attributes are demonstrated by the following behaviors:

  • developing positive relationships with colleagues, instructors, and administrators
  • treating individuals with respect
  • using tact and discretion
  • setting a positive and respectful tone in interactions with others, including S-TESL staff
  • actively listening to others’ viewpoints
  • recognizing own strengths and weaknesses and responding appropriately
  • working effectively in groups

Additional attributes necessary for the teaching profession include:

  • compassion
  • justice
  • empathy
  • integrity
  • responsibility
  • the physical and emotional capacity to handle the varying demands of the job.

Students who do not demonstrate these professional, behavioral, and social attributes for successful teaching may be counseled by the Director of the School of Teaching ESL and/or terminated as students at the School of Teaching ESL.