Transcripts are issued upon request from Seattle Pacific University. The School of Teaching ESL does not issue transcripts. See FAQs below for information on Seattle University transcripts.

To request your Seattle Pacific University Transcript:

Official transcripts are released only on authorization of the student whose records are requested. A $5 charge for each official transcript must accompany the request (SPU accepts cash, VISA, Mastercard, or personal check). The University reserves the right to deny official transcript services for indebtedness to the institution.

Seattle Pacific University allows two ways to order official transcripts:

  • Online Transcript Ordering. To order an official transcript you will need to log into the Banner Information System by going to the Transcript Ordering Page. Please be aware you will need to pay by credit card at the time of your request.
  • Written Request with a Student Signature. There are three options for requesting a transcript in writing:
    OPTION A: In-Person Requests. Available while you wait (normally between 10-30 minutes). No more than 4 copies can be printed via this option.
    OPTION B: Faxed Requests to (206) 281-2669. All faxed requests will be sent within 2 business days.
    OPTION C: Mailed Requests. All mailed requests are sent within five business days after they are received by Seattle Pacific University.

Download a Transcript Order Form (PDF). Or, you can send a letter that contains the following information:

  • Name under which the student attended.
  • Student ID number (or Social security number).
  • The last quarter and year the student attended.
  • If the student is enrolled in a current quarter of instruction, state the number of classes for the quarter.
  • The number of official copies required.
  • The name and address that will receive the official transcript (student may also pick up transcripts in Student Academic Services).
  • If paying by credit card, include the credit card number, expiration date, amount, and signature.
  • Student signature is required before a transcript can be released.

Unofficial transcripts are free and do not contain the seal of the University, thus they may not be acceptable to most institutions. A limit of one unofficial transcript may be requested at a time.  Unofficial transcripts may also be faxed (please include the fax number in the written request).  Unofficial transcripts cannot be ordered online.

Location: Demaray Hall 151

Mailing Address:
Student Academic Services
Seattle Pacific University
3307 Third Avenue West, Suite 113
Seattle, Washington 98119-1922

Fax: (206) 281-2669
Additional info: (206) 281-2031


I just finished my last class, when should I order my transcript?

Make sure the grades from your last class have posted to your transcript. This can take several weeks from the last day of your last class. Before submitting your transcript with your certification request, check your quarterly issued grade report, or login to your SPU student account to ensure your grades have posted to your transcript.

I’ve only taken classes at S-TESL. Can I still request a Seattle Pacific University transcript?

Yes. S-TESL students earn credit from Seattle Pacific University. Seattle Pacific University issues grade reports and transcripts that reflect these credits.

I studied before Spring 2013, when S-TESL was associated with Seattle University. How do I order my transcripts?

S-TESL students who studied before Spring 2013 earned credits from Seattle University, and must contact them directly to order transcripts. You can find information on how to do so by going to