At a glance


❱❱❱ 24 credits

transfer 12 credits from TESOL Certificate

ELT 5545 Classroom Issues & Management in Teaching ELL

20+ hrs Field Experience

3 elective classes

We recommend Assessment, Culture and Pronunciation, as these core content areas meet standards suggested by and other international bodies.

Could this be you?

The 24-credit Advanced TESOL Certificate is an excellent option for those who…

  • have 2-3 years of teaching experience and wish to further their professional development;
  • are interested in moving into senior teaching roles or getting involved in teacher training;
  • would like to add a robust field experience component to their résumé;
  • want to tailor their credentials to focus on specific areas of interest (three electives);
  • hold an unrelated master’s degree and wish to demonstrate professional commitment to TESOL;
  • wish to improve their marketability for more competitive teaching positions in the U.S. and abroad.

Stand Out from the Rest

While the initial 12-credit TESOL Certificate is a great foundation for launching your teaching career, higher level positions will require more credentials. The Advanced TESOL Certificate allows you to further develop your knowledge and skills without pursuing a graduate degree. Overseas, advanced and diploma-level teaching certificates are often considered more highly than some master’s degrees due to the large teaching practicums associated with them. Consider coupling the Advanced TESOL with a master’s degree in TESOL (or related field) if you are interested in academic management in ELT and/or teacher training and education.

Advanced Certificate Requirements

12 credits from the TESOL Certificate + 4 additional courses. ELT 5545 Classroom Management and Issues is a required course. The additional courses may be taken via Online, Evening or One-Week Intensive classes.

Please contact the S-TESL Director for advising about the Advanced TESOL Certificate option.