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In cooperation with Seattle Pacific University, The School of Teaching ESL offers specialized baccalaureate and graduate programs leading to a number of English language teaching credentials, including TESOL/TEFL Certificates, ELL/Bilingual Endorsements, and graduate track credit option for multiple MA degrees at SPU, such as MA-TESOL and MA Teaching.

Our full-service program is known for its professionalism and quality. We offer a range of study options to cater to your individual needs. Our experienced instructors build your knowledge while focusing you on the practical skills to teach English. Our director provides resources and tools to help you transition to employment. We can help you launch a new career or take yours into a new direction.

Contact our office where one of our dedicated staff members can answer your questions and get you started!

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Upcoming Courses

Winter 2016

Registration now open


Earns the TESOL Certificate

January 11 - February 5


One-Week Intensive

ELT 5530 Foundations

Dec 7 - Dec 14


Meet once a week

ELT 5530 Foundations

TUE: Jan 12 - Mar 8

ELT 5532 Grammar

WED: Jan 13 - Mar 9

ELT 5534 Reading/Writing

WED: Jan 13 - Mar 9

ELT 5536 Culture

THU: Jan 14 - Mar 10


Jan 21 - Mar 31

5530 Foundations

5532 Grammar

5537 Content-Based

5538 Young Learners

5542 Assessment

5545 Classroom Managment

5546 Professionalism

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  • “This is probably one of the best programs you could ever attend. I apply what I learned to my classroom teaching on a daily basis. I strongly endorse S-TESL, but be prepared to work your rear-end off for 4 weeks! It is worth it, though.”

    4-Week Intensive Graduate
  • “I have found that the S-TESL students far outshine others in terms of preparedness to teach immediately, and the ability to be creative and flexible … S-TESL graduates are strongly prepared with the┬ámaterials, theory, practice and confidence that others lack.┬áThis makes S-TESL graduates stand out in a field that is inundated with qualified candidates.”

    Local Employer

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