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In cooperation with Seattle Pacific University, The School of Teaching ESL offers specialized bachelor and graduate programs leading to a number of English language teaching credentials, including TESOL/TEFL Certificates, ELL and Bilingual Endorsements, and graduate credit options for MA-TESOL and MA Teaching degrees at SPU.


Our full-service program is known for its professionalism and quality. We offer a range of study options to cater to your individual needs. Our experienced instructors build your knowledge while focusing you on the practical skills to teach English. Our director provides resources and tools to help you transition to employment. We can help you launch a career or take yours in a new direction.


We are always available to conduct face-to-face advising or speak with you over the phone. We will work with you one on one to determine the best study plan to suit your needs. Contact our office where one of our dedicated staff members can answer your questions and get you started!

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Upcoming Events


Spring 2017

Registration opens February 10


Apr 3 - Apr 28

Space available

May 15 - June 9

Space available


Meet once a week

ELT 5542 Assessment

TUE: Apr 4 - May 30
Space available

ELT 5530 Foundations

WED: Apr 5 - May 31
Space available

ELT 5532 Grammar

THU: Apr 6 - June 1
Space available


Apr 3 - June 22

5530 Foundations

5532 Grammar

5533 Materials

5535 Pronunciation

5536 Culture

5538 Young Learners

5545 Classroom Issues

5546 Professionalism

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  • “I thought the class was extremely well organized. The material was very useful to me in the teaching that I am currently doing. I think that I personally learned more from this class than many of the others I have taken to get my teaching degree. The class was challenging but fun.”

    Online Student
  • “Lively teachers who are genuinely concerned about student learning. The faculty is committed to staying abreast of research and current topics in ELT.”

    S-TESL Graduate