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The School of Teaching English as a Second Language

in cooperation with
Seattle Pacific University
Helping the World Communicate
since 1985

So You Want To Be An ESOL Teacher?


Program Benefits

  TESOL Certificate
12 Credits
(120 hrs)
Advanced TESOL Certificate
24 Credits
(240 hrs)
 ELL Endorsement
For Public School Teachers, 
20 credits + SPU 5 credit Field Experience component
Min. 120 Hours of Instruction

✓ ++


Recognized in the U.S.

Recognized internationally


Free lifetime employment resources

Online and site-based classes

Day and evening classes

Required  field experience

University credit, with graduate credit option

Instructors have at least an MA degree with min 5 years experience



Teaching English is a rewarding career that can take you many places. Whether you are teaching overseas or teaching here in the United States, you will be helping people improve their lives by contributing to their education.

Our full-service program is known for its professionalism and quality. Our experienced teacher educators build your knowledge and skills to teach English. Our director provides resources and tools to help you transition to employment. We can help you launch a new career or take your career into a new direction.

Contact our office where one of our dedicated staff members can answer your questions and get you started!



  • This is probably one of the best programs you could ever attend. I apply what I learned to my classroom teaching on a daily basis. The instruction adheres to the Active Theory of Learning model, so you listen/read, discuss and apply the knowledge every day. S-TESL advocates communicative language teaching which is easily understood and converted to any class you may be teaching. I have been teaching now for a year and find that even most of my other Master’s program courses have not helped to prepare me for teaching English like this course has. I strongly endorse S-TESL, but be prepared to work your rear-end off for 4 weeks! It is worth it, though.
    Four Week Intensive Graduate

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