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We accept Americorps!

We accept Americorps

Preparing YOU to teach English

In cooperation with Seattle Pacific University, we offer TESOL/TEFL Certificates, ELL/Bilingual Endorsements, and an array of post-baccalaureate courses which can be completed via a range of study options (4-Week Intensive, Evening, Summer Intensives (One-Week), and Online Courses.

Teaching English is a rewarding career that can take you many places. Whether you are teaching overseas or teaching here in the United States, you will be helping people improve their lives by contributing to their education.

Our full-service program is known for its professionalism and quality. Our experienced teacher educators build your knowledge and skills to teach English. Our director provides resources and tools to help you transition to employment. We can help you launch a new career or take your career into a new direction.

Contact our office where one of our dedicated staff members can answer your questions and get you started!

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So You Want To Be An ESOL Teacher?



  • “Lively teachers who are genuinely concerned about student learning. The faculty is committed to staying abreast of research and current topics in ELT.”

    S-TESL Graduate
  • “I have found that the S-TESL students far outshine others in terms of preparedness to teach immediately, and the ability to be creative and flexible … S-TESL graduates are strongly prepared with the┬ámaterials, theory, practice and confidence that others lack.┬áThis makes S-TESL graduates stand out in a field that is inundated with qualified candidates.”

    Local Employer
  • “The program is one of the best teacher instruction classes I have ever been in. The theories and ideas are taught, modeled, and incorporated into every aspect of the program.”

    Graduate Student

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